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  • How is your magazine distributed?

    • We direct mail to affluent homeowners with expendable income within the Davis Community.​ The magazine is not subscription based and cannot be subscribed to.

  • How often does this magazine get produced?

    • It is produced monthly.​

  • Do you have digital advertising opportunities? 

  • Do you take outside editorial submissions?

    • Yes, we do. Please email Julia at with your editorial submission. Editorial is not guaranteed and must meet publication guidelines.​

  • How do I get a community event listed in your Calendar of Events section?

    • Submissions must be made one month prior to the publication month to make our editorial deadlines. Please email your submissions to All events must include the date, name of the event, time, cost if any, and a short description (1-2 sentences). Event submissions are not guaranteed as the event needs to open to the public and generally supports a nonprofit or community venture.​

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